Housing in the 1950s

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Gender specific rules about housing have changed significantly since Brandeis was started. In the early 1950s new undergraduates found the dorm rules in the Student Handbook. “Here is your opportunity to read about the intricacies of women’s dormitory life,” stated the 1953-­54 Student Handbook. “We have found that male cooperation is often quite helpful in observing dormitory rules.” The rules stipulated that women and men were not allowed to visit one another in their rooms in the early 1950s. Women were required to sign out of their residence halls when leaving and were to be on campus after 7 pm and in their dorms before11:30 pm or midnight. Women could apply for special passes to stay out later only if attending cultural events or other educational activities. In 1953 women’s dorms were first opened to male student visitors between 2 and 5 pm on the first Sunday of every month as long as a residential counselor was present and all doors literally stayed open.