Dr. David Lisak Presents on Sexual Violence on College Campuses, 2014

David Lisak

Dr. David Lisak, a forensic psychologist and expert on non-stranger rape came to Brandeis on 10/21/14 to address a large audience of students, faculty, and staff.  Excerpted from an article in The Brandeis Hoot, by Emily Belowich:

The first part of Lisak’s lecture informed the audience about common trends in sexual violence on college campuses today. He identified the issue as a universal problem at institutions, but stated that how each university acknowledges and treats the problem sets them apart in being future leaders.

“It’s important to recognize that the problem isn’t Brandeis’ problem. Every institution has its problem. This is a planetary problem,” Lisak explained. “The focus here is the situation at Brandeis and what needs to change and how can we engineer that kind of change.”

Lisak stressed that even though in the last few years, institutions have come under intense scrutiny regarding the issue, it is important to recognize that openness in this discussion was previously nonexistent for a long time. He spoke about the important role that student activists and survivors have played in the issue and stated that they have been the leading force in pushing forward conversation on campuses today.

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