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Re:Joyce; Joyce Antler’s Retirement Conference, 2015

Joyce Antler and Interim President Lisa Lynch

From Brandeis Now, October 20 2015 By Julian Cardillo Photo Credit Heratch Ekmekjian This past weekend Brandeis celebrated the work, words and vision of Joyce Antler ‘63, the Samuel B. Lane Professor of American Jewish History and Culture and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studiesand a nationally renowned women’s historian who will retire at the end of this academic […]

Anita Hill Named University Professor, 2015

Anita HIll

From Brandeis Now, April 15 2015 by: Bill Schaller (Photo by Mike Lovett) The Brandeis Board of Trustees unanimously voted to recognize Anita Hill, a senior advisor to the provost and professor of social policy, law, and women’s, gender and sexuality studies, with a promotion to University Professor at its March 26 [2015] meeting. “Anita […]

Critical Analysis in Black Feminist Thought, 2015

Jasmine Johnson

Students in Professor Jasmine Johnson’s class, Black Feminist Thought, created a website of their important work: https://medium.com/black-feminism

Women’s Studies Program Founding in 1975

WGS Chairs

In Spring 1975, three Brandeis Fellows at the Carnegie Corporation Project on Women & Career Options – Charlotte Weissberg (Soc), Kristine Rosenthal (Soc) and Erica Harth (Comp Lit) – submitted a proposal for a Women’s Studies Program at Brandeis University. It read in part, “an undergraduate program in Women’s Studies is long overdue on the Brandeis […]

Anna Nichols is Inducted into the Brandeis University Hall of Fame, 1998

Anna Nichols

  Inducted into the Brandeis University Hall of Fame in 1998, Anna C. Nichols’ career at Brandeis actually stretches back 50 years earlier to when she held the position of the head of women’s athletics, a role she would excel in until her retirement position in the mid-1960’s. Prior to coming to Brandeis her college […]

Joyce Antler, Founding Member of Women’s Studies

Joyce Antler

  Joyce Antler, the Samuel Lane Professor of American Jewish History and Culture, served as chair of the Women’s Studies Program from 1980-1991, creating the foundations for its faculty, academic curriculum, activism, and community. Antler received her Ph.D. in history from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1977 and devoted her […]

Anne P. Carter, First Female Dean of Faculty, 1981

Anne P Carter

Anne P. Carter, now Professor Emerita of Economics at the Sachar International Center, was the first female Dean of Faculty at Brandeis University. One can add this accolade to an already long list of outstanding achievements, such as Fellow in Econometric Society (2003), Who’s Who: in America, in the East, of American Women, in Economics […]

Anita Hill Joins the Women’s Studies Faculty at Brandeis

Anita Hill

Anita F. Hill  Senior Advisor to the Provost, Professor of Law, Public Policy and Women’s Studies, Heller Graduate School of Policy and Management, Brandeis. Of Counsel at Cohen, Milstein, Sellers and Toll (Washington, D.C.) The youngest of 13 children from a farm in rural Oklahoma, Hill received her J.D. from Yale Law School in 1980.  She began her […]

Marie Syrkin, First Female Professor of English, 1950

Marie Syrkin

Marie Syrkin was the first female professor to hold an academic position in English literature at Brandeis University in 1950.  Born in Switzerland in 1899, Syrkin was the only daughter of two Russian-Jewish medical students—Nachman Syrkin, a theoretician of Labor Zionism, and Bassya Osnos Syrkin, a revolutionary activist who smuggled illegal pamphlets into Russia.  From […]

Women Leadership State and Society Conference, 2009

AL-Quds University

On May 3, 2009, the Al-Quds and Brandeis Universities presented an international conference on “Women, Leadership, State, and Society.” The conference—which was organized by faculty from both Al-Quds and Brandeis, including WGS Professor Sue Lanser, and held at Al-Quds University, Abu-Dis Campus, East Jerusalem, with the support of funds from the Ford Foundation— offered an exploration […]