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The Letters Behind My Name, 2015

Selina Fulford

On October 28, 2015, WGS invited College and Community Fellowship’s Theater for Social Change to offer a performance titled, “The Letters Behind My Name,” directed by Elizabeth Mirarchi. Based in Harlem this group “uses theater to raise awareness about the impact of mass incarceration on women, families, and communities. TSC’s original performances are based on ensemble members’ life stories and […]

Criminal Justice?: Race, Gender, & Incarceration, 2015

Criminal Justice Flyer

  On March 10th, 2015 we held our 20th annual Lubin symposium on Criminal Justice?: Race, Gender, and Incarceration.”  The symposium panel featured three speakers: Dr. Elizabeth Hinton (Harvard University)  The War on Crime and the Roots of Mass Incarceration Reverend Vivian Nixon (College and Community Fellowship) Education and Faith the Common Threads:  A Womanist’s Experience of Doing Time, […]

Women’s Studies Program Founding in 1975

WGS Chairs

In Spring 1975, three Brandeis Fellows at the Carnegie Corporation Project on Women & Career Options – Charlotte Weissberg (Soc), Kristine Rosenthal (Soc) and Erica Harth (Comp Lit) – submitted a proposal for a Women’s Studies Program at Brandeis University. It read in part, “an undergraduate program in Women’s Studies is long overdue on the Brandeis […]

Evelyn Murphy and the Wage Project Come to Brandeis, 2014

Evelyn Murphy

On March 14th, 2014, WGS invited Dr. Evelyn Murphy, former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, and founder of the grass-roots organization “WAGE Project, Inc.” to speak at Brandeis as part of the 19th annual Tillie K. Lubin Symposium.  In her talk, entitled “Work Smart, Earn What You are Worth,” Murphy spoke about the gap in wages […]

Feminist Paper Artemis is Founded in 1980

Artemis Cover

Empowered by the mission to be the amplifier which would “turn up the volume” on Women’s voices, be “a celebration of women’s natural resources which abound in this community”, and to acknowledge that “no true feminism analysis exists without a challenge to racism and classism…and the rigid structures of the patriarchy”, the student-run feminist paper […]

Students March for Gay Rights, 1987

March on Washington DC

1987 was a year of banner headlines: President Ronald Reagan would address the country regarding the Iran-Contra Affair; televangelist Pat Robertson would announce his candidacy for the Republican Nomination for President of The United States even as Gary Hart, caught in an extra-marital affair with Donna Rice, would drop out from the pool of Democratic […]

Students Protest the Awarding of “Publisher of the Year” to Penthouse Editor, 1975


Oct. – Nov. 1975:  The Women’s Caucus and Women’s Coalition of Brandeis University led the charge of protest against the University’s awarding of “Publisher of the Year” to Penthouse editor Bob Guccione during a fundraiser event.  “The women of the caucus believe that Penthouse profits from the exploitation of women as sex objects,” says Kathy […]

Civil Rights Activist Dolores Huerta Lectures in 1974

Dolores Huerta

In February of 1974, noted feminist, civil rights activist, labor leader, community organizer and founding member of the Agricultural Workers Association, Dolores Huerta (born Dolores Clara Fernandez) spoke at Brandeis University during a United Farmworkers fundraising event. She stressed responding to anti-union and exploitative employers with strikes, picket-lines, mobilizations and (non-violent) demonstrations. “People have got […]

Betty Friedan Speaks on “Women and Choices” in 1980

Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan, noted feminist, activist, labor journalist[1],  founder and first president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and author of the bestselling The Feminine Mystique, was a guest speaker at the “Women and Choices” Program in March, 1980, an event meant to highlight career choices for women. Speaking on March 12th, Friedan observed that […]

Women Leadership State and Society Conference, 2009

AL-Quds University

On May 3, 2009, the Al-Quds and Brandeis Universities presented an international conference on “Women, Leadership, State, and Society.” The conference—which was organized by faculty from both Al-Quds and Brandeis, including WGS Professor Sue Lanser, and held at Al-Quds University, Abu-Dis Campus, East Jerusalem, with the support of funds from the Ford Foundation— offered an exploration […]