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Anne P. Carter, First Female Dean of Faculty, 1981

Anne P Carter

Anne P. Carter, now Professor Emerita of Economics at the Sachar International Center, was the first female Dean of Faculty at Brandeis University. One can add this accolade to an already long list of outstanding achievements, such as Fellow in Econometric Society (2003), Who’s Who: in America, in the East, of American Women, in Economics […]

Feminist Paper Artemis is Founded in 1980

Artemis Cover

Empowered by the mission to be the amplifier which would “turn up the volume” on Women’s voices, be “a celebration of women’s natural resources which abound in this community”, and to acknowledge that “no true feminism analysis exists without a challenge to racism and classism…and the rigid structures of the patriarchy”, the student-run feminist paper […]

Students March for Gay Rights, 1987

March on Washington DC

1987 was a year of banner headlines: President Ronald Reagan would address the country regarding the Iran-Contra Affair; televangelist Pat Robertson would announce his candidacy for the Republican Nomination for President of The United States even as Gary Hart, caught in an extra-marital affair with Donna Rice, would drop out from the pool of Democratic […]

Adrienne Rich Visits in 1981

Adrienne Rich

  On March 3rd, 1981, noted poet, essayist, lesbian feminist and Hurst Visiting Professor of Creative Writing Adrienne Rich visited the campus to read from her new book of poetry, A Wild Patience Has Taken Me This Far, and talk to the gathered standing-room-only crowd about what she described as the “ahistorical” era they were […]

Betty Friedan Speaks on “Women and Choices” in 1980

Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan, noted feminist, activist, labor journalist[1],  founder and first president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and author of the bestselling The Feminine Mystique, was a guest speaker at the “Women and Choices” Program in March, 1980, an event meant to highlight career choices for women. Speaking on March 12th, Friedan observed that […]

Giller-Sagan Prize Created in 1982

Kasey Wooten

The Giller-Sagan Prize was created by the Sagan family  in honor of Women’s Studies Alumna Susannah Sagan ‘81 and her grandmothers, Sadie Giller and Esther Sagan.  Sadie Giller and Esther Sagan left the shtetl in their teens and came to America in search of a full and complex life. Since 1982 the award has been […]

Angela Davis ’65 Speaks on Racism and Injustice, 1976

Angela Davis

Angela Davis ’65 spoke about racism and the injustice of the American prison system in Levin Ballroom in the fall of 1976. To a standing room only crowd of 900 students she proclaimed, “I’m not trying to create a false sense of alarm….I am indeed frightened because I see all over this country signs of […]

Take Back the Night, 1984

Take Back the Night

Despite the sub-freezing temperatures 50 students (the majority from the Brandeis Women’s Coalition) came together to push back the dark with their candles and presence and claim their right to safety and security with their voices and stories on Brandeis University. This “Take Back The Night” March was in response to a number of rapes […]

Rena Blumberg Olshanksy ’56

Rena Blumberg Olshansky

Rena Joy Blumberg Olshansky is the co-founder of the National Board of Women’s Studies at Brandeis University.  An annual prize in her honor supports research on Jewish family life. Olshansky has won numerous awards and honors herself, including the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame in 1993, the Alumni Leadership Award at Brandeis in 1993, and […]

Evelyn Handler, first woman president of Brandeis, 1983-1990

President Evelyn Handler

Chosen in 1983 to be the 5th President of Brandeis University, Evelyn Handler was also its first women President (a landmark she had previously claimed at The University of New Hampshire). Her distinguished achievements during her eight-year tenure at Brandeis were numerous. As president she oversaw the school’s admission to the Association of American Universities […]