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Before Women’s Studies at Brandeis, 2013

Before Women's Studies at Brandeis Poster

On November 19th, 2013, in celebration of our 35th anniversary, a panel was convened of faculty members and alumni who were at Brandeis before (and during) the establishment of the Women’s studies program at Brandeis.  The program started with a talk by Joyce Antler, “We at Brandeis Must Not Lag Behind: The Push to Create […]

Honorary Degree Recipients

Golda Meir Honorary Degree

What do Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (Laws-1969), former Secretary of State Madeline K. Albright (Laws – 1996), Abstract painter Helen Frankenthaler (Humane Letters – 1982), Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Laws – 1996) and Producer/Director/Actor/Singer Barbra Streisand (Humane Letters – 1995) all have in common? Each is a Brandeis University Honorary Degree Recipient, […]

Angela Davis ’65 Speaks on Racism and Injustice, 1976

Angela Davis

Angela Davis ’65 spoke about racism and the injustice of the American prison system in Levin Ballroom in the fall of 1976. To a standing room only crowd of 900 students she proclaimed, “I’m not trying to create a false sense of alarm….I am indeed frightened because I see all over this country signs of […]

Joan Crawford Dedicates a Dance Studio in Spingold Theater in 1965


In the early 1960s, Crawford arrived at Brandeis University to support the arts program. In 1965, the Joan Crawford Dance Studio was dedicated within the Spingold Theater Arts Center to promote dance education. The awards in this online exhibit were previously on display at the Joan Crawford Dance Studio. In 1967, Crawford became a Brandeis […]

Lynn Goldsmith Organizes for the SCOPE in 1965


Lynn Goldsmith was a freshman at Brandeis University when she volunteered for a summer voter registration project called the Summer Community Organization and Political Education Project (SCOPE), organized by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). The SCLC was founded by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bayard Rustin and was at the forefront of the […]

American Civil Rights and Women’s Rights Activist Pauli Murray Teaches at Brandeis 1968-1973


Arriving at Brandeis in the fall of 1968, Pauli Murray introduced the first courses at the university in Legal Studies, African-American Studies, and Women’s Studies. Murray was given the Louis Stulberg Chair in Law and Politics in 1971, receiving tenure as Full Professor in American Studies. The courses she regularly taught included “American Legal Systems,”  […]

Student Occupations of Ford and and Sydenham Halls in 1969

Ford hall

  While Brandeis University has a long and distinguished history of promoting social awareness and justice, it has often been Brandeis students who have demanded and made positive change on campus and beyond.   For a period of eleven days in 1969 (8-18 January), 60 to 75 student members of the Brandeis Afro-American Society occupied Ford […]