Brandeis National Women’s Committee is Founded in 1948

National Women's Committee

First founded in 1948, the Brandeis University National Women’s Committee is considered the largest ‘friends of a library’ group with an estimated national membership of 48,000. It can claim over 105 nationwide chapters with its national headquarters located in Waltham, MA. The BUNWC’s main objective is the raising of funds in financial support and continued promotion of Brandeis University libraries, in addition to providing for its member unique programming. Toward that end it has raised in excess of $58 million dollars – approximately $4 million per year – through annual book sales, author luncheons and other fundraising events. Founding members included Augusta Katz, Frances Rivto, Edith Michaels, Hannah Abrams, Dorothy Spector, Jennie Silverman, Tillie Thorner and Gertrude Alpert.