Anne P. Carter, First Female Dean of Faculty, 1981

Anne P Carter

Anne P. Carter, now Professor Emerita of Economics at the Sachar International Center, was the first female Dean of Faculty at Brandeis University. One can add this accolade to an already long list of outstanding achievements, such as Fellow in Econometric Society (2003), Who’s Who: in America, in the East, of American Women, in Economics (2003) First President, International Input-Output Association (1989 – 1992), Phi Beta Kappa awarded on occasion 50th anniversary of Queens College (1987) Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (1984) Fred C. Hecht Chair in Economics (1976) Honorary ScD., Lowell University (1975) and Chair, Organizing Committee, UNIDO International Conferences on Input-Output Techniques (1968 – 1986). Her scholarship includes Structural Change in the American Economy, Energy and the Environment, a Structural Analysis (ed.) and Contributions to Input-Output Analysis (with A. Brody).

Prof. Carter’s tenure as Dean of Faculty ran from 1981-1986, during which came the establishment of the computer science department, the forming of the BA/MA in International Finance and an early retirement package for faculty. Regarding her term, she said,  “A good dean does not accomplish things. A good dean is someone under whose aegis others can accomplish things. As dean I have tried to allow others to achieve, and I hope the university community feels I have been successful in that capacity.”

(Abram L. Sachor Collection – Brandeis Chancellorship Papers)