Rena Blumberg Olshanksy ’56
Oprah Winfrey Lectures in Levin Ballroom in 1986
Nona Willis Aronowitz brings Girldrive to Brandeis, 2010
Maria Hinojosa on the Political Responsibility of Owning One’s Voice, 2009

A Message From the Program

Welcome! The 35th Anniversary website is designed to share the rich history of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) program at Brandeis with our many students, alumni, friends, and supporters. At the forefront of advocacy for gender and sexual diversity and inclusiveness on campus and in the world beyond Brandeis, the WGS program has sponsored many noteworthy events and speakers throughout our history. We are also proud to be the intellectual home of many student activists and leaders on campus, a sampling of whom are featured here. We encourage you to explore our history by theme and time period, re-connect and share your own memories and experiences of WGS at Brandeis!